Adding stickers to Monopoly GO

Once you have set up your monopoly go link and username, you have to manually enter all the cards you collect. Our application does not allow automatic updating as it is a tool that allows you to share your album with friends and other players only on Sticker GO. For now…

Tapping on set 1, on the main page, will show the 9 cards set to ‘uncollected’ status. In order to add duplicates you will have to tap on the first card and you will immediately notice the – / 0 / + buttons. Pressing the + button we will insert the available cards going from 0 to 1. In this case we are indicating the collected card while we will have to press more times to indicate the available duplicates, for example with 3 touches we will specify the availability of 3 duplicates. Conversely, touching the minus button will remove the availability of a card.

We recommend repeating this procedure every time you open a sticker pack on the Monopoly GO app so that the album is always up-to-date. During exchange proposals, the cards will be updated automatically according to the proposal status.

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