How to exchange duplicates

Once you have accomplished the sticker-insertion procedure, you can send for the missing cards by pressing the central exchange button.

This will open a list of all cards that are missing from your album. By pressing the search button on the missing sticker, you will see a random list of players from our community who will have the duplicate you just selected. For example, choose the user “Luca” and press search.

Perfect! Now that you have found the missing sticker, you can make an offer by selecting from 1 to a maximum of 5 stickers to exchange for the one you selected earlier. You can then decide to make an even exchange by swapping the missing cards with each other or propose multiple stars for a particular sticker to collect.

The first part of the list shows the stickers with available duplicates that “Luca” is missing. While scrolling down will show the remaining duplicates that “Luca” has already collected.

Once you have selected the stickers to propose as an exchange you can proceed by pressing the propose exchange button. You have now sent your first exchange request to “Luca” and it will be visible in the options section at the bottom right.

N.B. It is recommended to propose the right stickers for the exchange. The player expects to receive all proposed cards to confirm the exchange!

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